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Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Chuck's Puddle"

A Lake In North Eastern BC called Charlie's Lake, we called it Chuck's Puddle (just a small one at 13km long) at about mile 43 of the Alaska Highway. In the early 1940's, Charlie Lake was the site of a major camp for workers and supplies in the construction of the Alaska Highway and was the scene of the worst accident. In May of 1942, a large raft carrying tractors and a jeep across the lake broke apart during a storm. 12 men died in the cold waters of Charlie Lake. I've fished, boated, sea kayaked, river kayaked, jet skied, camped, hiked, instructed, rented out kayaks and canoes, skated, iced fished, drove on when frozen, ski-dooed, and swam in this lake, so it is known to be quite utilitarian and laden with green algae at some shores, and May Flies during parts of the summer months. But it provides beautiful sunrises and sunsets in a vast sky. Some nights the northern lights were just spectacular over Chuck's Puddle.

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