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Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Stirrup Re-entry"

Although it looks like alot is going on in this picture, a stirrup re-entry is being executed by the Derek on the right in green. Mark during Friday evening's workshop, on assisted capsize re-entry, demonstarted his use of the webbing stirrup to KNL members to assist a bailed kayaker. His "no-tie knot" attached to the rescuer's deckline and held in place with one hand and then web loop thrown over the foredeck/combing of the rescuee's kayak for him to step in. One of the great successes with this "no-tie knot" is that it was so easy to adjust on the fly that paddlers of all leg lengths and shapes could easily be accommodated. We soon discovered as Mark pointed out that it is a more stable arrangement to have the webbing attached to the rescuers deck line and not to the decklines of the rescuee's boat, which we tried. Lelsie and Sue performed most of the capsizes and rescues and they tried a number of them, including the scoop, T-rescue, and so on but it was pretty much unanimous by workshop end that the most practical for many situations would be, the stirrup rescue with Mark's "no-tie knot" securing the stirrup.
Assisting in the rescue also was Dwayne holding on to Mark's boat and Tony, Des and Brian wanting a good angle on the securing technique.
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Silbs said...

Interesting post. My fear, as far as having the stirrup around my boat is getting entangled if all goes to hell and the other boat goes over. I'll have to try this out.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I think it is worth a try. Richard Alexander was leading our workshop and I believe he has certainly one of the highest paddling designations in Canada. Also past president of paddle Canada. Mark Dykeman pictured in the photo is a first class whitewater and sea Kayak instructor. Dwayne also pictureed is a whitewater instructor in kayaks and canoes and does guiding in Northern Ontario including the Nahani River. We have some great talent in the club here in NFLD. Richard encountered on an outing last year an incident whereby a kayaker had capsized in June NFLD waters and couldn't get back in the boat. They were sort of surprised that some other technqiues were not working as the kayaker was becoming hypo thermic. His take was that if they had started with the stirrup originally their degree of success would have greatly improved. This was the lesson of the work shop. Enjoy trying the technique and securing the "no-tie Knot" from various points on the kayak.