Current Time On The Rock

Friday, February 29, 2008

"Early In The Morning......"

Buoys are useful for many things and though this is a mooring buoy it could otherwise have been used to indicate the direction of current flow or even to calculate the current speed. This day though there is zero current and actually there is at most times in the Avalon Peninsula area of NFLD, little current to paddle in. Tide differences from high to low is about 0-1 meter. Though currents can be useful, (horizontal coastal currents) for moving you along, in wind, against you, they can be a pain in the ......kayak seat. This was an early morning paddle at about 8 am in early Feb. 2008. This shot is around Blow Me Down, NFLD looking across Conception Bay to St. Thomas....Portugal Cove due East, about 24km the Gull flies!


Alison Dyer said...

don't recognize the mooring nor the landscape - where were you stan?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I'm looking across Conception Bay from Port de Grave to St. Thomas or Portugal Cove area I suspect. This was that paddle I did early in Feb. The buoy is simply outside a Cove around Blow Me Down. Looking at the Blue Chart data I would say it is anchored in about 12.2 meters of whater. There was a dock in the cove but I am thinking that at perhaps some time of the year there may be a bigger boat that ties up there when considering the low and highs in 3.7 meters of water closer to the dock. Or maybe a fisherman just latches on there as there may be a sweet ledge where fish gathers at certain time of the year or perhas it is marking something for a boater, I know my brother in Nova Scotia uses buoys such as this for mooring so this is why I assumed. May not be a mooring buoy however I suppose you could use it to mark anything but it is definitely not an aid to navigation at least not to general boaters, perhaps to the individual.