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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Beach Debris"

Part of paddling for me is combing the shorelines whether on an ocean or inland waters of lakes or rivers. Some students did a study in Canada to see how the currents flowed around the oceans. They sealed messages in watertight containers with contact instructions when found and all the containers were released by a Canadian Coast Gaurd Boat. When I saw this study on TV I was amazed at how far some of these containers had actually travelled and in such short times. Some ended up in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, Caribbean etc. So when you find your next beach treasure it may very well be from a foreign land and though garbage too most there is a tale hidden in there some where. Unlock that tale and you are on the path to your next discovery.

My plan is to use some of my discoveries in making picture frames out of driftwood for some of my kayaking shots. Later though, when I've nothing better to do.

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