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Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Saturday Pool Night, Newfoundland"


It was a beautiful night to be at the pool. The temp outside was about -17 oC with no wind, not that it mattered to us but it is always nice to have no wind when loading the boats afterwards and then off to the Govenor's Pub for a quick brew. It is always good to hone the skills for the coming year.
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Silbs said...

That picture could have been taken last evening here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We're as much alike as we are different.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Indeed we are Silbs and there is nothing like a pool session to bring it all home. Nothing like the diversity in boats either. In some ways we've come along a fair bit since the Baidarka. Though the Unungan "means people who live by the side of the sea", pool side ain't so bad when it's all ya have. I agree, poolside in NL can be poolside in Wisconsin.