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Friday, January 18, 2008

"The Parsnip Reach"

This is an evening shot of a week long Kayak paddle on Williston Lake, the largest lake in BC. This is actually the Parsnip Reach part of the lake. There are three reaches The Peace Reach and The Finlay being the other two. This lake is actually a reservoir created during the construction of the WAC Bennett Dam. The reservoir extends 200km north from Mackenzie along the Parsnip and Finlay Reaches of Williston Reservoir. These join to meet the Peace Reach which extends 100km east to WAC Bennett Dam near Hudson’s Hope. I thought it was neat that when I made the trip I would be following the route where Alexander MacKenzie had put in during his quest for a passage to the sea. He followed the Peace River and later hooked up with the Great Slave Lake and the Mackenzie River that bears his name which he followed for 6987.5 kms to the Arctic Ocean. I saw his name and date he had carved on a rock at my put-in site for this trip. I felt as though I was travelling in his time as I only met one other person on the whole expanse of the lake during the trip. It was spectacular.

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