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Monday, January 14, 2008

"Cabot Tower, Newfoundland"

Cabot Tower on a cold St. John's day. This is actually my second attempt at this shot. My first attempt saw me climb the rock face from where this second shot was taken, the wind was just howling cold. I slipped going up but got to the top only to discover that I left the memory stick out of my camera which is something I rarely do. I decided to go get the memory stick but deep down, well not even very deep down, I decided, I probably wasn't coming back. On the climb back down I stepped on an icy bit of packed snow and landed flat on my back, cursing and now sensing the cold even more miserably I got up, put my cap back on, and hussled to the truck.I sped off home and was ready to settle down in the warmth of the house when I realized I must have dropped my sunglasses when I fell. Off to Cabot Tower on Signal Hill I go, to look for the glasses on that cold morning. Up I climb, watching my footing all the way and off to the right I spot my glasses. I grab them and realized I left the camera in the truck, but I did have the memory stick in it now. Off to the truck, back up the grueling hill, and voila! A picture. I was actually able to take a few nice shots from my vantage point and the lighting was spectacular and constantly changing. Tears from the wind were freezing down my cheeks but it's times like this when pictures seem to have so much more in them. Certainly a lot more back. Ha!

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