Current Time On The Rock

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Evening Web"

I caught this on the way out the door on Saturday night on the lawn lamp. Couldn't find the spider though.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Out Of The Fog"

No this isn't Patty, but you never know what will happen out of the fog. Experiencing navigating with the GPS these few days here at Chance Cove, NL, JUne 8th-10th, 2007.

"Shore At Last"

Cruisin in the fog at Chance Cove Jun 9th, 2007. It was there for the whole weekend which was exactly what the marine weather synopsis had forecast.

"Into The Fog"

Practising some fog navigation with my GPS and compass. Chance Cove Jun 9th,2007.

"Night Moorage"

A quest x3 grounded for the night. Jun. 2007 Chance Cove.
This kayak is currentlyfor sale. $2300.00 cdn. Check out Seaward kayak's website for details on boat. This one is five years young.

"Pond Side"

This is the other side of Chance Cove where you can fish for sea trout. I cursed not bringing my pole. At anyrate there is a spider web in this picture and you may see it if you click on the image.


This is a neet vantage point looking out to Chance Cove. This board walk provided easy access to wood for out fires and also to a lobster trap that was in perfect shape. We didn't set it though as tempting as that was.


During a little hike in Chance Cove we encountered fog rolling in this marsh area, was mystical and beautiful.
Jun 2007.


A foggy take-out but one none-the-less!
Chance Cove June 2007.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


On Charlie Lake BC, what a blast this was being towed by my friends river boat in my river boat. Took a header shortly after though.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Berg and I"

Had to get in at least one of the many I shot of this berg.


Though I felt this Iceberg wanted me to look up, I was totally psyched to keep my attention to the water and my paddle.

"Heaven on Water"

The put-in site at Blackhead Cove and my first Iceberg paddle in the distance.


Scanning my target at Blackhead Cove, NL.

"Iceberg Full Ahead"

My camera is not waterproof and I've been rather fortunate to date with on water shots. It was terribly hard to take this shot as the wind just picked up and white caps were forming everywhere. I got this far so I had to at least get the bow of my boat in the shot. It looks like I am far away still but I am very close. The rest of the berg is to the right and out of view of this picture.
Gives me a new appreciation for the Titanic story.

"The Mystic Berg"

This is a neat setting on my camera sort of imparts a mystical, fantastical feel to the picture.

"BoatBerg Sandwich"

There is only one berg with the boat in the middle!


This creates a neat combination of real and not so real.

"Frozen Fresh"

There is lots of compressed fresh water there I am sure, makes one thirsty just lookin' at it. On the part of the Iceberg on the right you can see a crack forming down the center of its' shape to the left of the right peak. It would be nice to see this chunk fall apart from the main foundation. The Iceberg from a distance looks like there are two but they are connected under water and there is some neat wave action that hurries through the two structures that would make an awesome shot for someone surfing through. Maybe Sunday.