Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I finally got to see an Iceberg pass by the Eastern Coast of NL. It sure is a sweet sight to behold. Hope to be kayaking near them this weekend. This Shot is from Fort Amherst.

"A Berg From Fort Amherst"

This was taken at 5:30 pm on Thurs. May 31st/2007. It was freezing when I took this shot and unfortunately my camera does not have much zoom but this berg was huge. Three stories or so high.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This was the scene as we turned down towards Trinity at the beginning of our paddle. Now how could you not know that you were going to have a most ridiculously awesome time.........and of course we did.

"Berg In The Mist"

Trinity Bay, NL. We all had such a blast during the first paddle of our NL, Kayak Club retreat, May Long weekend. I paddled hard to get this shot before the mist dissipated.

" Kayaks On A Car-Top Roof "

From the cabin veranda a sight to behold. The start of our kayak retreat May 2007 long weekend.

"Kayaking Bandit"

Danm Smokeys!
The Lord giveth.........and so do the Fuzz.
Couldn't resist Tony. This was the start of our Trinity Paddling expedition. Even this could not get us down. We were in the zone. Unfortunately at this moment...the speeding zone.


Sophi you are a charmer! I know you are having a bad hair day and I'm sorry I took this picture. Paul she is the greatest and I guess in dog years she rates with us.


Tap...Tap, yeah she be ice alright boys! Dave you the man!

"There Be Ice"

John and Dave taking a break during our Trinity paddle May Long weekend 2007.

"Fresh and Salt Wat-a"

Just before our lunch break in Trinity we had a moment to wash the deck of our boats with freshwater. Simply grand.

"Berg Limba"

The bergy bit doesn't fall to far from the berg. Tim Benson, Paul's son of course, cruisin' under the berg.

"Bergs Of A Feather"

These berg bits were grounded in Trinity NL, when we explored there during the May long weekend 2007. Truely beautiful and captivating.


I saw this image during a walk in Traytown, NL during the Newfoundland Kayaking Club's retreat, May long weekend, 2007.

"Greenland Kayak Zen"

Freya Hoffmeister Demonstrating her kayaking agility with a Greendland Paddle and Kayak. The engine and the vehicle , so to speak!
Freya is internationalyl known for her winnings at international Greendland Kayak Championships in Greenland and else where. She has a great arsenal of rolls and Greenland Kayaking abilities. Her partner Greg Stamer taught an awesome Greendland Paddle stroke course at the NL Kayak Club Retreat this past long weekend at Traytown, NL., May 18-21st 2007.

"Greenland Kayak Paddler"

Freya Hoffmeister Greendland Kayak Champion during a demonstration at Sandy Pond in Terra Nova National Park in NL.

Freya preparing for a roll.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Broiling Sky"

A shot at Cape St. Francis.

"Wave Crash Spray"

Listening to The Crashing Waves....not a rock group.


Weathering plaid, weathering pot, and weathering shed.


A familiar face on the Scademia. He love sthe water and is always staring at it.

"In The Distance"

Looking to the Narrows.


Harbour front St. John's, NL.

"Yes Bye!"

This brought back a flood of memories from my youth when my own mother use to hang her clothes on the line and that was after they were washed in one of those old wringer washers with the rollers. All by hand. But the smell of the freshness when you took them in.......amazing!

"Bell Island Light"

The Bell Light looks as if she is watching over the freighter in the distance.

"Monster Leg"

This looks like the paw of a huge rock monster.


Getting ready to paddle at Aquafort. We must have been easy to spot from above with all the brillant boat colors.