Current Time On The Rock

Monday, December 18, 2006

" The Cape Light"

I never tire of this light. It is captivating in all kinds of weather especially because of its location on the precipice of this cliff and because it gets the full brunt of the North Atlantic winds in all seasons and remains after years a bastion of lighthouses.

"Biscayan Cove"

I took this shot on a timer. Apparantly there are a few underwater wrecks out in this area. They appear on my GPS bluechart data. Actually one in Cripple Cove at about 27 metres and one about N47o 48.498':W050 46.498 NE of Pigeon Island. Which is the island I am looking at.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cape Anguille Light

The Cape Anguille Light is a beautiful sight at the Codroy Valley beach area. There is a provincial park just up from here and a bread and breakfast at this light.

"Queensport Light"

This is one of the oldest lights in NS. It is this light Stan Rogers sings about in one of his songs. This light is of course in the community of Queensport on the way to the town of Canso, where every year in August they host the Stan Rogers' Music Festival. It brings in 10,000 tourists to a community of about 800. It is a major "Kitchen Party", now combine that with a kayaking trip in and around the town and you are about as close to heaven as you can get.

Days End

Another stunning sunset in Little Dover , Nova Scotia, Nov. 2006.

Calm Mirror

This was shot outside my brothers door in the Bay of Little Dover, NS.

Weathered Coniferous

A weathered tree just off a board walk in Little Dover, NS.

Distant Rain

This was taken between Deer Lake and Corner Brook on a recent trip to NS. It was raining in the distance yet the sun was poking thru the clouds.