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Friday, May 12, 2006


This pic is not about whales, I am teaching my son to kayak in home town of Canso, Nova Scotia.

I have included some whale links on my blog because I find them fascinating. So much so that a few years ago I adopted a resident whale thru a program offered out of a museum in Vancouver for killer whale research. His name was Nimpkish of the clan A and A1 pod his number is A33. When you donate money to this worthwhile cause they send you a picture which consists of the dorsal fin since this is how they identify them. Every dorsal fin being different on each whale. They also send a newsletter called the Blackfish Sounder and a CD with some interesting whale sounds. Check out the links.
I did some kayaking around the Gulf Islands, off the BC coast and had the distinct pleasure to witness a huge pod one evening during a beautiful sunset at our take-out site as we were having our supper sitting on a log and looking out thru the pass. If you ever get the chance, this is a must do. Best "take-out" I ever had.

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