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Friday, May 12, 2006

"The MIghty Peace", Fort St. John, BC

A cool early morning walk gave me this amazing sunrise. The sky was burly and rough and looked like it was almost acrid with a flowing river of copper below. The weather however was cool and crisp with a dusting of snow on the ground.

This is the Mighty Peace River. It is the one Alexander MacKenzie, the surveyor, paddled on his way to the Arctic. I kayaked parts of this river in both an ocean kayak and a little river runner as there are some standing waves at different times of the year worth playing on. There are also groomed campsites on islands all along its course which is a fairly long one. The Peace River region is vast, reaching over 12,000 kilometres from Summit Lake to its confluence with the Slave River.

It was the home of the earliest people, the Clovis and Folsom People, who lived and traveled in the Peace River region over 11,500 years ago.
The First Nations tribes have had a long and proud history in the Peace River from times before recorded history through the fur trade years and into the present. The M├ętis formed as a unique people in the Peace River region and continue to contribute to this day.

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